Your Spinnaker timepiece may stop working because of the following reasons: 


- If your Spinnaker model is a quartz timepiece, it may have stopped working due to insufficiently charged battery. In such a case, you should contact Spinnaker authorized dealer or after sales service center to get the battery replaced.  You are strongly advised to get your timepiece battery changed every 2 years through an Spinnaker authorised after sales service centre.


- If your timepiece is mechanical and stopped working, it may be because you are not particularly active or do not often wear your watch and the movement of your watch may not be wound up enough for it to work properly. In such a case, you may need to wind it up manually to provide sufficient energy to get it to work again. You may need to use it up to a week continuously to return to normal accuracy.

- If you have solar-powered model, it may have stopped working because of insufficient battery, Try to leave your timepiece exposed to the direct sun for a couple of hours


If your timepiece still does not work, please contact your Spinnaker customer care team